N2N DL Platform

The N2N DL platform is designed to offer programmatic access to a multitude of IoT devices from multiple networks (LoraWAN / Cellular & Internet enabled)

Its main benefits include:

  • abstracting the differences between devices and sensors
  • Simple API driven LoRaWAN device enrolment and unenrolment
  • LoRaWAN pass through and optional data parsing into a normalised data model
  • supporting any N-Tick lite lorawan device (pass through) and an ever growing number of devices with payload decoding
  • support for a pull or push model for data consumption
  • support for reliable downlink capabilities via LoRaWAN
  • access to network statistics and metadata

N2N DL High Level

N2N DL ingests, transforms, enriches and is able to push information from a multitude of devices and networks (LoRaWAN / Cellular & Internet enabled) to a variety of endpoints and platforms


N2N DL is built with the following philosophy in mind:

  • Simplicity: it makes IoT applications a breeze to build
  • Enterprise support: sophisticated group based access model to support a wide variety of data access patterns
  • Scale: up to 40mil devices
  • Speed: it leverages in memory and cloud tecnologies to achieve response times < 10ms
  • Lightweight: it can run on a Raspberry PI
  • Composability: Lego blocks approach without lock in

Getting Started

It’s easy to get started with N2N-DL.

Alternatively you can jump straight into the Swagger Open API documentation