Managing tags

Activating N-tags

In order to active N-tag you need to add the following device metadata in N2N-DL to a device with nanothings static type:

  • n-tag: active

As with all the data synchronisation N2N-DL to N-tag application, it will take around 5 minutes for the application to react on the new changes.

Active N-tag metadata

Deactivating N-tags

When tag is need to be deactivated (removed from the N-tag application) you can delete the n-tag device metadata or change its value to off in N2N-DL. After N-tag is removed from the application it can also be un-enrolled from N2N-DL if needed.

SKU configuration

As shown on the screenshot above to configure SKU you should use device metadata in N2N-DL:

  • SKU: some-value

If an N-tag stops sending uplinks, there is a chance that it left the location. Alternatively, the nature of LoRaWAN assumes that some number of uplinks may be missed due to LoRaWAN network conditions.

In order to trigger an event that will de-register an N-tag from its location, the application is waiting for some number of uplinks being missed. The default value is 3 missed uplinks that will de-register an N-tag from its location. However, for each N-tag you can change the value via ‘n-tag-deregister-after’ device metadata in N2N-DL:

  • n-tag-deregister-after: 4