Managing locations

Registering base stations for N-tag application

In order to register a base station and mark it as an N-tag location you need to add two variables into base station metadata in N2N-DL:

  • ntag: 1
  • ntag-location: Location-ID


  • ntag: 1
  • ntag-location: Main-Warehouse

Base Station Metadata

N-tag locations and N2N-DL base stations relationships

When N-tag application creates a location it uses the base station metadata and enterprise ID of the base station. It concatenates base station enterprise ID with the ntag-location value to form a location ID, so the ID will be like this nnn.nanothings-TT-warehouse.

Therefore, if you have two base stations in two different enterprises with the same ntag-location value, they will be generated into two different N-tag locations. Ex: nnn-TT-warehouse and nnn.nanothings-TT-warehouse.

N-tag application does not operate immediately after you make changes in N2N-DL. It may take around 5 minutes for N-tag application to create/change the N-tag locations after you change the base station metadata.

You can put several base stations that are in the same geolocation / building into one N-tag location by using the same value in ntag-location metadata for these base stations. The base stations need to belong to the same enterprise to be placed into one location.

Choosing values for ntag-location metadata

It is better to treat ntag-location values as string IDs when you initially choose values or change values for them. For example, if you change ntag-location value the N-tag application will create a new location instead of renaming the existing one. If your intention is to rename the location, it is better to use N-tag application UI for that and keep the location ID unchanged like shown on the picture below.

Renaming the location

It may be a good practice to use randomly generated strings (like ‘CzudKyqnpLqq’) for location IDs in ntag-location values and give business meaningful names to locations in N-tag application instead. This way you will not be tempted to change ntag-location values.

Empty locations

If you move out or remove all base stations from a location (by changing ntag-location metadata), you will make an empty location (location with no base stations). These locations cannot have tags and can be hidden from the application UI.

The hide location button is accessible on the location page and available only for the empty locations.

If you add a base station to a hidden location (by setting the appropriate value in ntag-location metadata) the location will become visible again in N-tag UI.