Managing integration N2N-DL and N-tag application

API key

For N-tag application to work it needs API access to N2N-DL on the root enterprise level nnn with the admin permissions. A NNNCo system administrator needs to create an API key in N2N-DL and configure N-tag application to use this API key.

API key

In order for N-tag application to be functional it needs to be getting uplinks from the N-tag nanothings static devices. For that, a NNNCo system administrator must create a subscription with the following settings in N2N-DL.

enterprise: nnn

endpoint: HTTP

URL: http://n-tag.n2n.svc.cluster.local:3000/tags/incoming

header: Authorization: Basic base64 encoded N2N-DL API key and ‘any’ username for basic authentication

filter on device type: nanothingsStatic with cascading ON